Air Duct Cleaning


1. Have you noticed an increased level of dust buildup in your home or office lately?

2. Do you or anyone in your residence or office have allergies or respiratory problems?

3. Have you noticed an increase in your energy bills?

Air Duct systems whether in a residence or commercial building build up excessive dust over a period of time. This dust is known to contain dust mites and other pollutants which if allowed to go unchecked filter the contaminated air throughout your home and office.

No one wants to breathe in contaminated air because it’s not good for your respiratory system.

This dust gets trapped and collects and builds up inside your ventilation system, which results in interior contamination as well as increased energy bills.

A ventilation system that is clogged up with build up is the perfect environment for mold, mildew, pet hair, dust mites and other contaminants to grow within your system.


Children are more likely than adults to be affected by indoor air pollutants (Department of Consumer Affairs)

Indoor air has been found to be 60 to 70 times more polluted than outdoor air (EPA)

The American Lung Association stated that air ducts have more germs than a Chicken Coop!

The average American home collects an average of about 30 lbs of lint each year!

DSS or (Dirty Sock Syndrome)
DSS happens when dust accumulates in a damp A/C and mold develops, along with bacteria. Once it's there, it's very hard to remove entirely, but a good cleaning can lessen the symptoms for a season. It can only be prevented by very good air filtration. It can be a serious health issue depending on the species of mold and bacteria growing there, and quantities. They call it DSS because to many consumers it smells like someone’s dirty socks in their ventilation system.